Regular, logged and standardized video inspection is indispensable for quality assurance, damage assessment as well as in regeneration and rehabilitation cases.

In particular, before and after a well regeneration a video inspection is important. Thanks to horizontal and vertical shots with rotation and zoom capability the results provide a reliable basis for the selection of the correct regeneration process considering existing ocherings, sintering and damage.

An inventory and detailed documentation before and after the well cleaning bring you security on the state of your water well.


  • DN 125 – DN 800
  • up to 1,000m depth


Ideal for defects and blockages in pipe and sewer systems, drains, shafts, chimneys, plants and buildings.

Camera D8813

CCD camera, diameter 22mm, 60° angle
sapphire glass cover for camera lens
30m fiberglass rod cable with stainless reel reel
7″ TFTLCD Monitor, 320×960 px
waterproof ABS suitcase with battery box
USB stick

Camera LA2088,
LA3088, LA7088

with 50°, 45° or 63° wide vision angle
waterproof mini camera, diameter 4.5mm, 9mm or 17mm
camera cable length 1m, prolongation optional
monitor: 3,5″, removable
2 white LEDs
accessories: mirror, hook and magnet
weight: ca. 450g

Camera F9913

1/3” CCD camera, 135° wide vision angle
stainless steel super short camera head
IP 68 water proof level
sapphire glass lens cover, 12 white LEDs
camera diameter 23mm
30m fiberglass rod cable with stainless steel reel
cable reel rotatable in the case
7″ TFT LCD monitor with DVR
rechargeable high capacity Li-battery (6600mA) for 8 hours continuous working
waterproof ABS suitcase with all parts included
remote control

Camera D8823

CCD camera with center protection, diameter 50mm
sapphire glass lens cover for camera lens, 18 LED
420 TV lines resolution
60m or 120m fiberglass rod cable with stainless reel reel
7″ TFTLCD monitor
battery box included, 3600mA rechargeable Li batteries
DVR functionality


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