Condition Assessment in Non-Conductive Gravity Flow Pipes

The focused electrode leak location (FELL), also known as Low Voltage Conductivity, measurement system MTA PIPE ELECTROSCAN is used to locate and qualify defects in non-conductive gravity flow pipes.


Since the 1990’s of the last century, there have been attempts to detect defects and leaks in sewers using the electric current technology. Today, more than 20 years later, the originator provides state-of-the-art improvements that completes the evolution of the principle envisioned at that time into a reliable measuring system for determining and evaluation of the operating condition of a pipeline.

In principle, a defect in the pipe wall that leaks water will also leak electrical current, whether or not water infiltration or exfiltration is occurring at the time of the survey. Avoiding wasted fresh water and inadequate water coverage from a supplied water source, a common pipe plus or sealing bag is set in the downstream pipe to temporarily block the flow. With this non-disruptive method, a probe emitting an electric field is drawn through the pipe as a voltage is applied to the surrounding soil by a grounding rod. As soon as the circuit is closed due to electric current flowing through defects, a conductive connection to the outside surrounding soil is created.

This enables a continuous 360 degree status determination of numerous defects of the entire pipeline.

Measurement in fully filled pipe
Measurement in partly filled pipe


  • voids or cavities outside the pipe
  • leaks caused by joint dislocation, corrosion through holes, faulty connections and other sources
  • deposits within the pipe

Measurement in house connection pipe


  • 360° scan over the entire pipeline length
  • precise location and qualification of pipe defects
  • for non-metallic pipe material
  • length measurement
  • length measurements for defect locating
  • complies with ASTM F2550 standard for Electric Current Flow
  • waterproof enclosure meets NEMA IP67 pressure requirements
  • no need to retrofit or integrate the system with CCTV trucks
  • provides solutions to prior technology downfalls
  • qualifies pipes to be followed up with CCTV inspections



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