Sediments such as ferric, manganese, lime, humus, sludge, sand and other deposits will be removed from the pipe preventing from the danger of water turbidity, unpleasant odour and bad taste.

The Air-Water-Jetting LW87 procedure is a very reliable and effective method to clean water pipes which can be carried out practically anywhere.


  • works without use of chemicals
  • no turbidity of potable water
  • improves the function of valves
  • relieves the pumps
  • reduces energy costs
  • large daily output


The Air-Water-Jetting LW87 procedure for pressure pipes is a precautionary cleaning of potable water systems.

  • pressure pipes – potable water pipes
  • ½“ up to DN 1400
  • maintenance cleaning
  • initial cleaning before commissioning


The pipeline section which is to be cleaned needs to be isolated from the network. Via hydrants, based on the network parameters, oil-free and cooled sterile air is introduced into the pipe in a controlled manner, after it has been treated by the computer operating MTA LW87 air treatment system.

The introduced air-water-mixture causes turbulences and this so-called cavitation effect loosens deposits from the pipe wall.

The  cleaning pressure is kept below the normal operating pressure ensuring that no pressure shocks occur which may cause damages or pipe bursts. Finally the line is rinsed with fresh water.

A pipe cleaning by Air Water Jetting LW87 does not replace the disinfection which is mandatory for a commissioning. We will gladly advise you on the best way to protect your pipeline system.

The pipe flushing is done via hydrants and discharges. In end lines the air-water-mixture is flushed out through the house connection.


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In 1985 Marko Taferener has performed the first tests with the company Läckage Analys AB in Ystad, Sweden, within the framework of a water loss analysis. Thereby was introduced a larger amount of air into the pipeline system. The results showed that the manganese deposits in the water main were loosened.

This event marked the birth of Air-Water-Jetting. Already in 1987 Läckage Analys AB brought this constant pressure flushing procedure to market as we know it today, as system MTA LW87.

The common impulse flushing procedure, which was used until then, was finally abandoned due to uncontrollable pressure shocks and consequential pipe bursts.


It is not effective only to blow an uncontrolled air-water mixture into a pipeline. Only the technology of the system MTA LW87 guarantees the best possible cleaning results.

MTA LW87 is based on a optimized air-water ratio for the respective pipe diameter, combined with a project tailored control system and the long experience of our experts.