Roberto Grassi, Adapis Georadar Teknik AB, and Manuel Gabler, Guideline Geo, work with ground penetrating radar systems to screen pipes. In May 2016 Roberto Grassi conducted experiments at the European Pipeline Center.


In the first part of the project Roberto worked with the vertical resolution of a one channel georadar (SIR 3000 GSSI) investigating how to get feasible responses about pipes leaks, corrosion, humidity and information about sleeve, joints, wells and more. The aim is to compare and analyze B-scan (georadar profile) resolution and radar slice resolution. Later on Roberto plans to work in parallel with simulation of radar data with two advanced dedicated softwares. Through simulation hypothesis can be made about how radar signals might look like that is reflected from cracks and corrosion. The hypothesis will be tested by radar scans on a test facilitity at Öresundskraft in Helsingborg, test site at the European Pipeline Center in Austria and no-controlled tests in different parts of southern Sweden.