The secret to WaStop’s effectiveness is its specialized Memory Membrane, inserted inside either stainless steel or pvc pipes depending on the application. The Memory Membrane is constructed of a specially formulated blend of elastomer which gives it exceptional shape retention and chemical resistance.

This ensures WaStop always opens when needed, but then immediately seals to prevent backflow.


The patented WaStop® inline check valve has been the innovator and industry leader since its inception in 2002. WaStop excels at preventing backflow, flooding, and sewage odor spread in pipe networks. It can be inserted into almost any existing pipe.

Unlike any other check valve available today, WaStop® can be mounted horizontally, vertically, on an inlet, outlet, in a chamber, or utilizing flanges.

Installation is a breeze!


  • Installed for over 15 years worldwide with 100% satisfaction
  • Superior construction materials
  • Extremely low head loss
  • Low life cycle cost and easy installation
  • No moving parts – virtually maintenance-free
  • Many dimensions 75 – 1800 mm std & non-standard pipes
  • Stops liquids, gases, odours, insects and small animals
  • Many installation options – vertical to horizontal


WaStop Stainless Steel series can be used in sewer and storm/surface water applications as well as for stopping odour escaping from combined sewers. The stainless steel series is a complete range from DN 100mm (NPS 4″) to DN 1800mm (NPS 72″). The WaStop Stainless range fits inside the existing pipe.

WaStop PVC range is primarily used in sewer and odour applications. The PVC range is installed inline with the existing pipes using flexible couplings or slide couplings. WaStop PVC range is available from DN75mm (NPS 3″) up to DN 200mm (NPS 8″). For dimensions over this size PE or Stainless is recommended.


WaStop is extremely adaptable in regards to installation options. It can be installed from horizontal to vertical and in both cases can be installed for use in both directions.

Seals and anchors for installation in a pipeline are included. Joint connections are available for purchase upon request.


  • Inlets and outlets
  • Installation in an existing pipe
  • Pump stations
  • Manholes and chambers


You can purchase WaStop check valves from MTA distribution partners in the following countries. For other countries please contact wapro@wapro.se.




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WaStop Check Valve Installation

WaStop Check Valve Live Demonstration

Operation of the WaStop Check Valve

Headloss testing at Utah State University. WaStop Inline Check Valves have the lowest headloss amongst inline check valve of its type. This, combined with a pulsating flow ensure blockages are kept to a minimum and therefore virtually maintenance free!



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