MTA Messtechnik GmbH and RJN GROUP, INC have announced a partnership agreement promoting innovation in the American Pressure Pipe Inspection Market that will strengthen MTA’s growth in North America and expand RJN’s service portfolio for pipeline condition assessment.

With RJN by our side and its great expertise and focus on innovative solutions we are starting in an excellent position to successfully intensify our presence in the US market’ said Marko Taferner, MTA’s owner and CEO.

MTA Pipe-Inspector is a cable-less technology producing complete optical and acoustic inspection of pressure pipelines – PCCP, PVC, or DI/CI – without interrupting services or operations. Due to its forward-thinking design, MTA Pipe-Inspector travels easily through pipes with 90° bends, inspects long pipe reaches, and accesses hard-to-reach pipelines, located below highways, industrial facilities, or other access sensitive areas, producing video, distance, temperature, and pressure readings.

As the ‘aging infrastructure’ dialog continues for North American infrastructure owners and operators, effective condition assessment tools like MTA Pipe-Inspector offer advanced capabilities to promote sound maintenance and capital planning decision-making.
As highlighted in the recent Utah State University study, between 2012 and early 2018, overall water main break rates increased by 27%.  Even more concerning is the increase in break rates of cast iron and asbestos cement pipe, more than 40% over a 6-year period; cast iron and asbestos cement pipe make up 41% of the installed water mains in the US and Canada. The MTA/RJN partnership will offer confidence for infrastructure owners in meeting the demands of ‘aging infrastructure’ issues.

About MTA
Austria-based MTA Messtechnik GmbH focuses on researching and developing technologies for the water and wastewater industry, producing technically innovative products.  They are a leader in applications designed to review and rate of municipal water and wastewater systems, including the pipe condition inspection and leakage detection and very committed to leading edge research and development in these arenas. To learn more,

About RJN
RJN Group, Inc., established in 1975, is a professional engineering and field services firm, providing innovative, affordable, and sustainable services to improve and extend the service life of municipal water, sewer and stormwater systems.  RJN is recognized as an industry leader and actively pursues emerging technologies and methods to put quality solutions into client hands, efficiently and cost-effectively. To learn more, visit

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