When technical plans are inaccurate or missing it is often necessary to locate pipes.With special pipe location methods it is possible to locate all lines precisely – metallic and non-metallic ones.



During a parachute injection procedure a parachute is brought under pressure over a drilling clip into the pipe. With the help of the flow movement of the water the parachute unfolds and pulls a detection steel cable.

Having reached the desired rinsing length the parachute is turned down and can be removed completely from the line under normal operation conditions.


A steel cable introduced for detection is subjected with an electrical signal. This procedure is suitable for lengths up to 2,000m. Longer distances need to be divided into sections. The pipeline will be located approx. every 10 meters regarding its situation and depth, the data are logged and can be used for further analyses by the surveying company.


Fast and simple verification of piping or wiring plans. Due to the simplified location of the piping or wiring, expensive damage can be avoided.

The system is suitable for all civil and underground engineering, road construction, communities, horticultural- and landscaping businesses, in fact all professionals who require accurate, quick and easy detection and inspection of concealed piping, cabeling and other metal systems.

  • Prepare your construction work – quickly and safely
  • Avoid damage to cable lines and expensive delays
  • Safe and simple calibration of your lines
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Automatically depth measuring at the push of a button, without an emitter
  • 33 kHz – therefore the system is compatible with other locating systems
  • Big display including an easy menu based operating system


Pipeline locating system, which includes a standard error system.
Ideal for quick, easy and accurate location of cables and all metallic lines.

VIVAX vLocPro2

The vLocPro locating system allows quick and precise location. The large color display is easy to read also in case of strong sunlight and provides all important information at a glance. The operation of the entire location system is intuitive to learn for inexperienced users and requires little training effort.

A wide frequency spectrum – compatible with all conventional location systems on the market – offers the possibility to choose the optimal frequency for each task and to optimize the positioning results.


  • Optimal, precise and rapid location of buried infrastructure
  • Very fast and accurate depth measurements at a push of a button
  • Tireless work light receiver ( | Large frequency range for optimal positioning under all conditions
  • Bright, brilliant color LCD Display
  • Expandable for sheath fault location


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