Together with its partner companies the European Pipeline Center understands itself as a competence centre for water supply and wastewater disposal in Europe.

The goal of the EPC is to promote the research between the partner companies as well as their production development and to intensify the application oriented knowledge exchange.

Akvo is a subsidiary of MTA Messtechnik GmbH, Austria and Wapro AB, Karlshamn. The company provides products and services for drinking water and waste management, industrial and environmental technology.

Akvo AB offers leak detection and other special services and products such as WCS – Water Control Systems. Technology is the key in the specialized field of control of water supply and sewage networks. Akvo offers system evaluations, profile measurements of water and wastewater networks, as well as control of landfills, industrial sites, wastewater networks and a variety of other applications.

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Digital Documentation for municipal infrastructures

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All devices for detecting and locating leaks in drinking water networks. F.A.S.T. products are used in more than 30 countries to reduce water loss.

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HAWLE is a leading manufacturer of valves, fittings & accessories for water,waste water and gas distribution systems with two plants in Austria.

Hawle has sister companies in Germany and Switzerland, subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Russia as well as a Joint Venture in Hungary who are all responsible for their local markets. HAWLE can offer worldwide one of the largest range of water- and gasworks supply for all kinds of pipes (ductile cast iron, steel, asbestos cement, PVC, PE)

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Herli detergents and disinfectants are powerful and reliable to disinfect drinking water containers, drinking water installations and for well disinfection

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Ideas into action.
Engineering services, products and processes
for construction and rehabilitation
of canals, pipes, containers, roads, industrial floors, anchors.


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HOBAS is a leading supplier of high performance GRP Pipe Systems for applications such as potable water, waste water, hydropower penstocks, cooling water lines, irrigation and drainage.

HOBAS GRP Pipe Systems can be used for all installation methods.

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Production and sales of elastomer seals

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Consulting, sales of products and services for cable networks of water, sewage and electricity.
Help with water losses, line, fittings and cable fault locating, solutions for surveillance systems, flexible risers, emergency water, backwater valves, etc.

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LPC Service offers consulting, services and devices in the field of municipal and industrial infrastructure.

• Review of pipe networks
• Valve and hydrant inspection
• Pipeline and cable locating
• Locating non-metallic pipes
• Hydraulic network calculation
• Network information systems (NIS)
• Measuring and locating devices

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Services and products for water and wastewater, industrial and environmental technology.

The optimization of hydro-technical systems, their metrological monitoring, detection and cleaning is our business since 1985. Our latest development MTA PIPE-INSPECTOR allows a cable-less optical pipeline inspection including leakage detection.

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Rehabilitation of old water tanks and surface finish of new water tank. Quality is our top priority.
Own process technology, experienced, continuously trained employees and numerous references.

All services under one roof! Surface preparation, concrete repair, strengthening, and disinfection

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Your competent and reliable partner in the following areas:

Flood protection – design – delivery – assembly
project management for mobile flood protection

High-quality equipment for cleaning and video inspection of sewer systems.
Documentation and rehabilitation

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Cameras with diameters from 25mm up to 2,000mm

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Cameras with diameters from 25mm up to 2,000mm

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Trenchless pipe rehabilitation
Trenchless technologies
Renovations of any kind from DN 150 – DN 1200

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Development and production of measurement equipment for condition analysis and fault location

For power supply, communication and pipe networks

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Production, trade and service of waste water and environmental engineering. Service for TV-inspection, pipe cleaning, suction- pressure- flushing- combined fuel vehicles and TÜV approvals for tank vehicles.

Pressure testing successfully in 16 countries

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As a service provider for primary care, mobility, funeral, leisure and modern technology, we improve the quality of life of our customers and support our partners in the economy.

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The Tiroler Rohre GmbH develops, produces and markets high-grade ductile iron systems for transporting water and for laying deep foundations for buildings and other structures.

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Association of pipeline and canal technology companies. Main tasks include consulting its members, the provision of technical and legal information in the pipe and sewer technique, care of the promotion of exchange of experience and training

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Wapro AB is a market leading company specializing in unique, highly effective check valves from Sweden.We develop, manufacture, market and sell the WaStop check valve in 20 countries. Marketing and sales of the WaStop check valve is done either directly through Wapro AB and through subsidiary companies or distributors in specific geographic regions.

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