When we are looking for new technologies for the UK water market, Jim Panton, Scottish Area President of the Institute of Water (IOW) and Member of Scottish Government Hydro Nation Advisory Forum pointed out in his presentation, we find here many interesting providers offering fascinating technologies – a gold mine of opportunities.

Jim’s presentation found a numerous and highly interested audience during the European Pipeline Days 2017.
The event’s concept of providing practical solutions and clever strategies for the international water management was a strong magnet fulfilling its purpose of bringing together suppliers, scientists and customers in one place.

Scotland – the Hydro Nation

Scotland must, according to Panton, take such reasonable steps as they consider appropriate for the purpose of ensuring the development of the value of Scotland’s water resources. The “Hydro Nation” is a nation which manages its water environment to the best advantage, employing its knowledge and expertise effectively at home and internationally. The European Pipeline Days are an ideal forum to find suitable partners for a dynamically developing water cycle industry.

Top-class European industry leaders and scientific experts were represented in St. Veit to discuss the technical, legal and economic aspects of water management today and in the future. An estimated 800 to 1,000 participants didn’t mind the summer heat to inform themselves in detail about the latest developments of products and services for the water cycle economy.


RLT_2017_lecture_panton_1800x700_print.jpg, 733KB,
Jim Panton, Scottish IOW President and Member of Scottish Government Hydro Nation Advisory Forum, Speaker at the 7th European Pipeline Days 2017